A Garden Gathered Bouquet In The Vintage Barn.

A Garden Gathered Bouquet In The Vintage Barn.

 Hello, the cafe au lait dahlias have been absolute works of art in themselves. I picked a few from the gravel garden to take down to the barn and arrange into a beautiful rusted Nkuku vase that I had kept from when I shut my Ampthill store. I’m always keeping the things that I buy to sell. Well, for a little while anyway. Today I found the most gorgeous antique frame which my husband thinks is going to be sold… it will, eventually, someday. Anyway back to the dahlias.

I used a good bunch of foliage from my garden to create a good base, this is what gives the bouquet it’s structure. I also add interesting foliage as I go around to create movement, I’ll use things like honeysuckle or clematis for this.

For extra pops of daintiness I use cosmos, this helps lift the arrangement and gives it more of a wild meadow feel. Dahlias on their own can sometimes look quite heavy, I find adding long stems of umbels or daisies really lightens the balance.
Checking how it looks in a vase before wrapping with crumpled bunched brown paper ready for collection.

 The fresh flower season is soon coming to an end but I’ll still be offering foliage bundles and wreaths. Plus there are my dried flowers and wreaths available on my store.

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