Artists Statement


I create atmospheric and immersive paintings using oils, acrylics and pastel. I am intrigued by moving different art mediums over a range of surfaces and exploring the quality and depth of pigment. When I start a paining I have no idea where it will take me. I first pour oil mixed with turps over the canvas and see what marks are made, what pictures my imagination brings forward and I work on those. Landscapes leap forward sometimes in a fantastical way. I have a small wood at the bottom of the garden and I find a lot of my work feeds from that. I enjoy using autumnal/winter palettes with pops of vibrant colour to guide the eyes around the canvas.


My paintings are for the viewer to get lost in, to let their eyes pick out their own pictures and see things that come into their imagination.



I hand build in porcelain and paper porcelain, tactile functional ware. Inspired by my love of roses, peonies and hydrangeas and the fine quality of petals, my work has a very feminine feel. I am naturally drawn to the whiteness of porcelain and use semi transparent glazes to accentuate and not deter from the beauty of the finished piece.


When drinking from a cup it should feel tactile in the hands, nice on the lips and beautiful to look at. As each piece is hand built it is as individual as it’s owner and rather special for it.